VSSL Camp Supplies II

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Be prepared for whatever may come your way outside with the Camp Supplies II Kit.  The water-resistant, indestructible military-grade aluminum cylinder paired with the oil-based compass cap and 4-mode LED Lantern illuminates a large area up to 20+ hours with continuous light.  Packed with over 50 pieces of essential gear, this kit is the ultimate tool for outdoor preparedness so you can take on your adventure with confidence.


• Water Resistant Military Grade Aluminum Cylinder
• Flush Mounted Oil Based Compass
• Water Resistant 4-Mode LED Lantern with 20+ Hours of Continuous Light & 40+ Hours of SOS Display
• Essential Gear: Gear Twists, P-38 Can Opener, 35mm Mirror, Sewing Kit, Whistle
• Fire Striker Kit: Five Waterproof Tinder Quick Fire-Starting Tabs, Ferrocerium Rod, Ceramic Striker
• 4 Hour Beeswax Candle
• Wire Saw
• 1 Liter Water Bag
• Fishing Tackle: Barbed Hooks, Lead Weights, Swivel Leaders, Rubber Worms, Swivel Spoon, 50’ of 20lb Test Fishing Line, EVA Line Winder – Bobber
• 12 Zip Ties: Eight 4” Zip Ties, Two 6” Zip Ties, Two 8” Zip Ties
• Multi-Purpose Adventure Tape
• Bamboo Cloth
• Batteries included
• Style:01-214-B 

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