Slayer Enchantress Replacement Reed

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Enchantress Replacement Reed
Swap out your well-used reed with a replacement reed that matches the original in Slayer’s Enchantress external elk call.
The Enchantress push call creates hyper-realistic sounds through its internal reed, silicone tongue, and your lung power. Like a typical diaphragm elk call, the reed wears out over time depending on factors like how frequently and aggressively you use it.
With the patent-pending Enchantress elk call, even hunters who’ve struggled to master realistic sounds can create a range of convincing cow and calf sounds. Apply pressure to the button to create tension and blow for high pitches, and let your finger off to sail down the low end.
Hunters looking to call in belligerent bulls with bugles and lip bawls can pair the Enchantress with the Swagger bugle tube. The Enchantress is designed to screw onto the end of the Swagger bugle tube to give you the volume for a full, realistic range of bull sounds from a push call.
Slayer’s all-in-one external elk call gives you the best performance when your reed is taut. With a reed that’s too loose, every elk in the woods could turn tail when they hear you call. Pros recommend bringing a few extra reeds on your hunt as backups so you’ve always got a fresh reed available.
Slayer’s calls are made in the U.S.A., from our bugle tubes right down to the replacement reeds.

  • Style: 100-4410

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