Slayer Cow External Call

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Seduce the biggest, meanest monster bulls with the most realistic external cow elk call on the mountain.
The Slayer external cow elk call makes it easy to tap into your softer side and blend in with the herd. It’s lightweight, easy to use and incredibly durable. The whole thing (minus the mylar reed) is made from nylon plastic — the same material that’s used to make AR lowers. The result is a call that’s as simple to use and carry as it is versatile.
The Slayer Cow External Call is capable of producing a variety of sounds identical to the real thing, from soft and subtle cow mews to very excited and emotional estrus sounds. Use it to lure in other cows, a lost calf or even the herd bull. In any terrain, this is one tool you’ll want to keep handy in your bag of tricks.
Stop any bull elk dead in his tracks with an external cow elk call that will pique his curiosity long enough for you to take your shot.

  • Style: 100-4200

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