Biolite CampStove 2+

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Product Information

Turn fire into electricity.

Like what a solar panel does with the sun, CampStove does with fire. Using an internal thermoelectric generator, the stove converts heat into usable electricity and uses it to power an internal fan for hyper-efficient combustion. Surplus juice is stored in the internal battery so you can access energy when you need it.

Award-winning patented airflow combustion tech

Internal 3200 mAh battery stores your energy

Power lights, GPS watches, and more

CampStove 2+ Anatomy
• On-board 3,200 mAh battery. charges with or without a live fire
• Smart LED Dashboard gives real time feedback on fire strength, power and fan speed
• USB charge out to charge FlexLight & other gear
• Internal fan jets circulate air for improved combustion
• Lightweight Aluminum Legs fold up and away for nested portability.
• Honeycomb heat mesh provides barrier from inner burn chamber
• Scalloped pot stand accommodates BioLite KettlePot, Portable Grill and other cookware
• Style: CSC0200 

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