Biolite BaseCharge 600

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Product Information

Like having a wall-outlet away from the grid. Power laptops, tablets, phones, cameras, lights, routers, and more with this quiet and fume-free solution. Compact and highly portable, this power station features 25% more power than common mid-size models without any added weight or bulk. Recharge from the wall, car, or pair with SolarPanel 100 for a fully independent solar generator system.

Battery Cpacity: 622 WH (21.6,28.8 AH) LI-ion (NMC)
• Cyle Life: 1000 Cycles To 80%+ Capacity

Input Ports:
• USB-C PD: 100W
• ACx2: 110V 600W,1000W Surge
• USB-A x2: 5V/3.0A
• USB-C x1: 5v3.0A

Output Ports:
• USB-C PDx1: 5V,9V,12V,15V,20V/5A (100W)
• DC Car Port x1: 12V,120W
• DC Barrel x2: 120W,5.5mm OD / 2.1mm ID
• Wireless x1: 10W Wireless Charger

Charge Time To 80%:
• AC Adapters = USB-C PD: 3.5 Hours
• Included AC Adapters: 7 Hours
• SolarPaneles 100: 6 Hours

• 14.0 lbs (6.4kg)

• 12.2 x 7.9 x 7.9 in (3009 x 200 x 201 mm)

In The Box:
• Base Charger 600
• 90W AC Adapter
• Instruction Manual  Style: BGA0101

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