Biolit FirePit+

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FirePit+ Anatomy
• 12,800 mAh USB rechargeable powerpack runs the fan for your fire for up to 30 hours. Detach and recharge easily via USB.
• 51 airjets inject the fire with oxygen along key locations. This creates a more uniform temperature and mixing of gases inside the fire which dramatically improves combustion.
• Folding legs make portability a snap. Combined with the Carry Bag (sold separately), you're ready to go from the backyard to the beach in no time.
• Grill grate to cook hibachi-style meals. Fuel rack adjusts to accommodate two types of fuel - wood or charcoal.
• X-Ray Mesh allows heat to radiate out with a 360° view: glowing embers at the bottom, the gasifying wood in the middle, and the flames coming out at the top.
• Style: FPA0201 

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