Slayer Enchantress Swagger Combo Elk Call

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If you’re someone who can’t use mouth diaphragms/reeds (or you simply don’t want to), the Enchantress external elk call is for you.
Slayer’s all-in-one external elk call is guaranteed to create the most realistic sounds in the woods. It’s a push call, which means it uses an internal reed, just like a typical mouth reed, but all the work is done within the call. We’ve even included a silicone rubber “tongue” that’s identical in shape and texture to a human tongue. Enchanted?
To operate this call, the user simply pushes a button, depressing the tongue on the reed while blowing. Our Enchantress push call can make every elk sound necessary to call in the biggest bulls. Get tips on how to use the Enchantress from Cody McCarthy, Slayer’s head of product innovation.
Slayer’s external elk call also attaches to our Swagger bugle tube to create impressive bulges and lip bawl bugles. Easily connect and disconnect this call from the tube to make lifelike cow sounds and bugles.
The design of this external elk call is so revolutionary, we have a patent pending on this product. Others have tried to develop external calls that produce elk sounds, however the Slayer Enchantress is the most realistic sounding push call on the market.

  • Includes Enchantress Push call / Swagger Bugle
  • Style: 100-4405


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